Why Buy American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins?

They make a wise investment in economically challenging times such as these. When you buy American Eagle gold coins, you balance your financial portfolio and reduce risk of losing cash as happens with investments made in the bank or stock market.

Here are reasons why you ought to buy American Eagle gold bullion coins:

– They happen to be the only gold coins minted in pure gold, 22 karat to be precise. This means with the American Eagle gold coin, you have real gold value. They have the highest mint quality too as they are taken directly from the minting press into the storage tubes.

– Their durability exceeds that of pure gold. The addition of copper and silver alloy makes them durable, such that they can retain their newness and fresh, shiny appearance over a long time. This in turn reserves their value. Often when the value of gold bullion coins is determined, those with scratches and worn edges have a much lower value. With American Eagle gold bullion coins, this is unlikely to happen, thanks to the protection of the alloy.

– You can use your American Eagle gold coins to fund your Individual Retirement Account. This will ensure that you enjoy your retirement in relative comfort with no worries about your investment losing value. To add American Eagle coins to your IRA account, have an independent custodian take charge of your gold.

– They provide security and privacy. Owning American Eagle gold coins remains your private affair. The law does not require reporting of transactions involving American Eagle gold coins. A report to the IRS must accompany transactions involving most other gold coins for amounts in excess of 25 ounces.

– They have high liquidity. Their value transcends America, and this gives them a ready market around the world. What’s more, they sell at gold value markets in most parts of the world. That means you can exchange your gold bullion coins for hard cash whenever you need it even when on transit.

– They are easy to transport and store. Whether you prefer to store them in a safe at home or in a bank, they are easy to pack in Mint issue, unbreakable plastic tubes, specifically designed to hold them.

– They sell easily. At any given point, there is someone who wants to buy American Eagle gold bullion coins. Moreover, with each passing year, the market value is bound to rise. If you hold onto your gold bullion coins long enough, you can fetch a pretty cool amount of cash from reselling them.

– Unlike gold bars and ingots, they require no assaying and therefore have no additional expenses when reselling.

If you are wondering whether to buy gold bullion coins or not, consider giving American Eagle gold bullion coins a try. You could be on your way to attaining financial freedom in just a few years.