Quepos Real Estate Investment Tips

Although international realty investors look benignly upon every inch of Costa Rica real estate, there are places which pull more investors than others. Quepos and Manuel Antonio are two such places. In this article, I will talk about Quepos real estate because Quepos is not only very beautiful in its own right, but also considered as a gateway to Manuel Antonio National Park. It makes Quepos real estate even more attractive.

Quepos – A brief introduction

Quepos is a beautiful small city in Puntarenas Province, the largest province in the country. Total population of the city is around 14,000, which makes it a very cozy place to spend one’s vacation in.

Many people prefer to have their Costa Rica homes in this city because of its proximity to Manuel Antonio and colorful nightlife. The city has many bars and restaurants, and it is famous for its nightlife. The city is not as small as Manuel Antonio, for which it works as a gateway. Tourists mainly visit this place between December and April, when the rainfall is low and city is comparatively dry.

The excitement and zeal is in the nature of Costa Rica reaches its zenith during one-month long Festival del Mar which is celebrated in February. The festival features parades, sporting events, concerts, and a street carnival. Dancers from across the country come here to participate in the carnivals.

Like other Costa Rican cities, Quepos is also gay-friendly. And there are quite a many Costa Rica gay-friendly real estate in the locality. For this reason as well, international investors and travelers are discovering this city as a sound Costa Rica real estate investment. Now the time has come to share some Quepos real estate investment tips

Quepos real estate investment tips

  1. Before buying a property check that the property is registered with the Costa Rica National Registry. Buying an unregistered property may lead to post-purchase complications.
  2. Get your property documents registered with the local court soon after buying the property because the court of Costa Rica gives the holding right of a piece of land to the person who puts the claim first.
  3. Earthquake is a major concern in all of Costa Rica. You should check the history of the neighborhood you are buying property into before making any investment. If you are purchasing a constructed house than verify if it got constructed following the earthquake-proof mechanism, and if it adheres to all the safety standards.
  4. The country is a proud eco-development country, so all kinds of construction are not allowed everywhere. You should check with the Quepos authority to verify if the house you are buying meets the norm. And when buying an undeveloped property, ask the authority about the kinds of construction you can do on the land.

From being a banana producing locality to one of the most attractive destination in Latin America, Quepos has travelled many miles. People from across the world come to the city to have their Costa Rica homes in the lap of nature, which is constantly pushing the demand for Quepos real estate upward, which means there is no point in delaying the investment.