4 Most Popular Catholic Rings

Religious jewelry has a special significance in our lives. It is not just a piece of jewelry that we wear. Whether we wear a costly catholic ring or we try to cut cost and buy it in a cheaper metal, the importance of it is not diminished. We have our faith and values attached to the ring and therefore this jewelry remains dear to us more than most of our pricey possessions.

Having said that, let us have a look at the 4 most popular catholic rings:

  • 14k Gold English Catholic Ring
    One of the most popular catholic rings are made with 14 carat gold. It is in yellow gold. The ring is sturdily made and has the message inscribed on it. The message on it is mentioned clearly. The beauty of these rings lies in its message and in the way the message has been embossed on the rings. It has beautiful message about seeking forgiveness from Lord and forgiving others, and keeping away from vices and earthly temptations.
    When you wear this beautiful ring, you are sure to feel closer to thee, and lead the life he wants us to be.
  • 14k Gold English Catholic Diamond Ring
    This ring is made in white gold. The outer ends of the rings are studded with diamonds and the message is inscribed in the inner layer. The clear message with letters embossed in white gold and surrounded by diamonds on both the sides makes this ring truly invaluable. White gold is the trendiest jewelry these days. Thus, you have a chance to blend religious beliefs with style. This ring will be a treasure for you and your family. As the message is so clear in the ring, unknowingly, you will feel much closer to thee.
  • Sterling Silver English Catholic Ring W/ Diamonds
    Silver rings are considered to be great style statements. These are also available for a lesser price as compared to the gold rings. The beauty of this ring is enhanced with the diamonds. The combination of three dimensional finishing of the embossed letters and the diamonds look truly amazing.
  • Korean Catholic Rings
    These have messages inscribed in Korean. The rings are available in wide variety, such as 14 carat gold, sterling silver rings with diamonds, 14 carat gold with diamonds. Certain emotions are best described in your own language and this is true for religious rings as well. So, when you wear it in the same language as you say prayers, the feeling will be eternal. You will feel closure to your roots and at the same time, feel one with thee. Just as Korean rings, religious rings are available in Spanish too. Spanish rings are available in gold, silver and in diamond studded design, both in silver and gold.

However advanced we may feel, or however modern we may look outwardly, deep inside, we still feel the fear, still feel the need to be nestled and taken care of, and the religious rings do just that.

Let’s have a Quick Recap:

The 4 Most Popular Catholic Rings in Religious Jewelry section are:

o 14k Gold English Catholic Ring

o 14k Gold English Diamond Ring

o Sterling Silver English Ring W/ Diamonds

o Korean Catholic Rings